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Soda Can Analogy

When we hear the word core we typically think of someone with 6 pack abs. However, our core is made up of muscles that go deeper than our 6 pack, and is crucial for providing stability and not just aesthetics. It is important for us to understand that our core musculature wraps around to our back and resemble a barrel, or a soda can! If we look at our core like a soda can, the top of it would be our diaphragm, the bottom our pelvic floor musculature and the sides of the cylinder would represent our oblique’s and deep abdominal muscles. When our posture is ideal and these muscles are working with each other properly our core is like a closed can of soda. An increase in the curve of your lower back or a weakness in these areas would be like a dent or opening the can. Just like our core, the can is unable to withstand as much force if there is a dent or an opening in the can. This concept of core stability is especially important when performing exercises that load the spine such as squats and deadlifts. A couple exercises you can do to improve core stability are exercises like: planks, deadbugs, hollow body holds, and bird dogs.

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