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Should I train with pain?

This is a question I commonly get asked by people who get injured specifically when training. I want my patients to get back to training, especially if they love it. However, the rule of thumb is, if you are injured and an exercise hurts then it should not be performed. That does not mean to avoid working out, it means modify your activity so that it is no longer painful. Here is an example, if you hurt yourself deadlifting and it is painful to pull off the floor with a straight bar, then modify the lift by decreasing the range of motion or by switching to a trap/hex bar. If this is not painful then we can continue. Now that does not mean, “this feels great, let’s go for a PR”. Be patient and just go through the motions when first coming back from injury. Lifting at a lower intensity and at a lower volume is better than not lifting at all. Typically, I tell patients to start with up to 50% of your usual load/weight and then adjust accordingly to your body. If you listen to your body whisper, then you won’t have to listen to it scream. 

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