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Foot Stability

Foot stability is one of the most overlooked details when it comes to lifting mechanics, specifically any exercises that involves a squat or lunging position. If we do not actively engage our feet, we are setting ourselves up for failure. By rooting our feet into the ground, we are able to improve the arches in our feet, which will ultimately create a stable base for our kinetic chain to work on. This foot position will have a direct effect on the tracking of our knees and how we engage the musculature of the hip. When we have a relaxed or passive foot, our knees tend to track inwards, and will not only cause poor glute engagement, but will also increase our risk of injury. One simple cue that I use with patients is to pretend that your foot is a talon and you are trying to pierce the floor with your toes. If you are experiencing knee pain when you squat, give this cue a try and let me know how it feels. As always, train smart and stay rowdy my friends!

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